Readjusting and in Need for Ideas

I can deal with the cold, I love me some nature, and I don´t mind taking showers at the gym. I can change my backyard scenery as I wish, don´t pay rent, and hey, nothing more cozy than a toasty warm sleeping bag on a cold winter day. Getting fat is not an option, the lifestyle keeps me fit, and I´ve picked up some important life lessons along the way.

I´ve been hoboing around the midwest for roughly 2 years now and I already know that someday I will look back and say “I am glad I was crazy enough to do this”. I refuse to die with a bunch of could-haves and should-haves inhabiting my head. I refuse to let society dictate how I ought to go about finding peace and happiness on this planet. I refuse to make my life anything less than awesome (for lack of a better word that hasn´t been ripped to shreds by our youth culture).

There is one aspect of my lifestyle that I am getting really tired of: Having to hide. Like a criminal I have to hide from law enforcement. I am hiding from my housed neighbors, nosy dogs on leashes, playing children, maintenance workers, grannies on excursions, morning commuters, the curious, the bored, the alert; in short; everyone. I´ve been pretty successful thus far, but my goodness I am tired of it. Entire parking lots and neighborhood streets are empty at night, but society sure doesn´t want no hobos sleeping there. Buy a house – damnit!

So, how can I readjust my lifestyle to comfortably fit into my niche again? I need to find a place at which I can legally park my tiny mobile home. I am about 1/3 through my Master´s program and have steady employment and thus have pretty deep roots within society. Running away to some remote camp site is not an option. The idea of asking a sketchy trailer park owner for a little plot of land is not very appealing. Buying land is not going to happen while I am a student. I need more ideas! Do you have any semi-crazy ideas swirling around your mind on how I can solve this issue? Leave a comment or send me an email – .

Take care fellow nomads!

9 thoughts on “Readjusting and in Need for Ideas

  1. Are you looking for a place you can park your van every night without worrying about being seen? Do you need to stay with a certain radius of school?


  2. Hi, Hobo.

    I’m assuming your employer isn’t keen on you parking overnight in their parking lot. What about the school? Is there a way you can get a parking permit associated with a dorm and park in one of the dorm parking lots overnight? There would be a lot of cars parked overnight there. You might find a spot in the back where people would be more apt to leave you alone, but people would be coming and going. Sort of like hiding in plain sight. I don’t know how much that would cost.

    I don’t know what city or town you’re in. Or how big it is.


  3. I can not understand why Christian churches,many of these completely maintained properties used for three hours once a week, are not eagerly stepping up to assist folks like you. Like you stated, the need is so simple!! 😀. You are a moral and independent person. I was delighted to read the recent story of Mayor Lisa Helps of Victoria, B.C., and her apparent understanding of the harm of disrupting working people’s rest time, of those having to sleep in their vehicles because of extremely low vacancy rates. May her God bless her for noticing! 😀


  4. In Portland I had a van friend who rented a spot on someone’s driveway so she’d have somewhere to park without hassle. She advertised for it on CL. Of course that’s Portland which is a town pretty amenable to people living that life. An alternative option is to embrace obesity to the point you can’t walk and have to move into a nursing home. Good luck.


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