The Homeless: To Hell With Them

“May your life be as pleasant as you are” is all I could say to this gentleman, who seems to have so much hatred inside of him, especially towards the homeless. Hate is very much like airborne illness; it easily spreads from one person to the next. However, unlike the flu, hate is a choice.


8 thoughts on “The Homeless: To Hell With Them

  1. I walked into the bathroom at the Walmart on 4th and Q here in Lubbock the other day. I did not see anyone in there at that moment, but I could smell a distinctive smell of HOMELESS, which is no surprise since a lot of them use that bathroom. But just walking in and finding the smell to remain lingering behind gave me troubling thoughts.

    After reading the post you directed me to, I am completely reminded of that smell… and how sweet it is compared to that attitude.


    Human beings have infinitely more value than your “home”. And your home has infinitely more value when humans are in it. Too bad our values are so warped.

    As always, thanx for sharing.


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    • Yeah, I am really not sure what to make of this guy. He may just enjoy winding people up as you said. Or he may be trying to act as a truly ignorant person would. However, I don’t really see how his post could be seen as entertaining, funny, insightful, etc. . Maybe that’s just me judging the judging person.

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    • Actually, I checked out his twitter and am now convinced he either is a complete &$&^% or some teen (or adult) sitting in his mom’s basement enjoying the attention. One of his latest tweets reads: “I refuse to meet the daughter I gave up for adoption because she has Down Syndrome. #retard”

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      • I wanted to think it was a wind up too. I think he’s just a sad troll. Some people really get a sense of empowerment by acting this way. I doubt he would have the courage to actually taunt someone on their own turf.

        He’s a worm beneath my contempt.


  2. What an awful and self-righteous person. People don’t often realize how close they are to disaster which could lead to homelessness. Most log term homeless people I have “known” over the years are clearly there from mental illness and hatred doesn’t do anyone any good.

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