Westminster Butterfly Pavilion


I had to spend a couple days in Denver to take care of some business and decided to check out some local activities to add some fun. A Google search brought up the butterfly pavilion north of Denver and I desperately needed a nature fix – an easy choice right there.

The butterfly pavilion may better be labeled “bug pavilion” as I was greeted by gritters of all shapes and sizes. Some of these insects I had never seen before in my life. Others weren´t insects at all like the urchin shown below.


If you are feeling particularly bold, you can sit down with a staff member and handle “Rosie” the tarantula. That was a big nope for me.


After seeing a plethora of centipedes, ants, ladybugs, crickets, beetles, bees, cockroaches, flies, and mantes, I finally entered the warm and humid territory of butterflies. They. Were. Everywhere! Afraid to step on one of these little beauties, I walked very slowly and frequently stopped and looked around. Not only did the butterflies inhabit every last object, even the ceiling, but I saw a few people who unknowingly carried them around on their backs, hats, and scarfs.


The whole atmosphere of this place was very relaxing and almost otherworldly. After completing my initial round, I sat down on an elevated bench and just observed my surroundings. I discovered that this area was inhabited by more than just butterflies. I saw snails, ants, and even a bird who, according to the staff, was an accounted for part of the pavilion.




















The center itself also has a pretty extensive outdoor area that offers educational walkways for children and students. Signs along the paths explain different ecosystems and interactive games  make learning fun. During the fall the area looks a little bare, but I still saw some rather pretty plants along the way.



If you´re ever in the area and need to entertain a diverse group of people, I´d definitely recommend the butterfly pavilion. Knowledge hungry individuals can learn everything about bugs there is to know, children can play with the many interactive exhibits, and others can simply enjoy the beauty butterflies have to offer.


Look closely…



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