Rougher than a cat´s tongue


Here I am. This is my first week in a new city, a new tiny mobile home, new job, new school, new everything, and it´s been rough to say the least.

I had no idea how incredibly comfortable I had been in my old Ford and how easy it is to get ready for bed when you already know all your spots. While I´d almost been bored with my daily routines this past year, trying to figure out all the hows and wheres in my new house is driving me up the walls. These days I have to rely mostly on neighborhood parking, which is a whole different animal compared to the mountains, Walmarts, and Park´n´Rides. Additionally, my new ride looks so ridiculously fancy, I just don´t fit in my usual kind of spots anymore.

It appears that my adventurous spirit went for a vacation and I am left to figure things out on my own. The cozy-comfy-cave feeling of my old Ford has been replaced with the unsafe feeling of living in a fishbowl (which is probably due to the fact that I major messed up those curtains and sleep on top of an actual bed). Nothing really feels right at the moment and there is still a lot I need to figure out.

What can I say? I´m just going to have to hang in there and hope for the best. And enjoy the last bit of summer.

Take care fellow hobos!


3 thoughts on “Rougher than a cat´s tongue

  1. Know what you mean. I switched to a slightly bigger camper, and it’s a lot harder to “stealth” camp. But never fear: you’ll get used to it in time…or you won’t, in which case you’ll sell the beast and buy a car, SUV, or something else. I’ve met people who’ve switched up their rigs from tents to truck campers to trailers to motorhomes to cars…I camped near one couple who did a whole winter in their car in Alaska! They started out tent camping in the ’60’s and have pretty much done everything I mentioned, and not once have they lived in a “sticks and bricks” house. I love it. Take it slow, give yourself plenty of room to make mistakes and get used to your new abode…


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