Celebrating Peace and Nature


Spontaneous Road Trip! I am currently hanging out at the Canadian border to get some rest from society and remind myself of my freedom in this world. It has been pretty warm for the most part and I am really enjoying the fact that it´s light out till 10pm here.

The other day I went on a trip to the International Peace Garden, which is located right on the border between the U.S and Canada. Considering that there is a whole lot of nothing out here (which is great!), I was surprised at the size of the Garden.

Since I am a huge fan of succulents, I took plenty of pictures of cacti and other plants belonging to that family.





















I really enjoyed seeing the little peace chapel, which was build right on the border. The music inside was very calming and the quotes engraved into the marble walls made think, if just for one second, that maybe humans can live at peace some day.




As usual, the weather report didn´t hold true and it was raining pretty much all day. Since it wasn´t terribly cold though, I still walked around in some areas of the park.



And last but not least, this curiosity. As I stopped by a lake for lunch, I came by a little outhouse. My first thought: Ew, I´d rather pee in a bush. My second thought: Why the hell are there two seats right next to each other? My third thought: The image of a couple sitting next to each other in said outhouse holding hands.



6 thoughts on “Celebrating Peace and Nature

  1. Thanks for this post, Hobo. I did not know of this place and have included it in my files as a place to visit next year, when I do the Great Lakes region of the U.S.

    Hope things are going well for you. Take care,


    • Haha! As a matter of fact, I thought of you today when I went to Fort Stevenson State Park. They have great campsites! It is quiet, beautiful, and reasonably priced. It is also right off the highway you´d be on to get to the international peace garden.


  2. I went to Chicago to see family for Christmas one year, and while there, they took us to Springfield. Lotsa Blues Brothers theme on that trip, but we also visited Lincoln’s grave, the state capital where he launched his career, and his home. It was all fascinating, as you can imagine.

    But then, while touring Lincoln’s home, we viewed the outhouse, which was several paces out the back door of the main house. And while there, we all noted it was a 3-holer! 3!!! Side by side. Two particularly close! That was a puzzle. We began discussing it at length. When I was a kid, our home only had one, and someone was always waiting and crying for their turn! Ha!

    But the best suggestion was that Illinois winters can be quite cold and going in groups might provide a measure of safety on the one hand and warmth on the other. And part of that would involve opening the door to the main house less … which would keep the warmth in there from the piddly fireplace…

    Still… some business is better left done in solitude if at all possible!

    Anyway, I really appreciate your blog. Glad you maintain this contact with the grid so that I have a window view of life off of it.




    • That actually makes a lot of sense considering that winters in North Dakoda/ Manitoba can get pretty harsh (I am talking 0° F and lower for weeks).
      I am glad you are enjoying my posts. I sometimes wonder if anyone out there can get anything out of my writing, so it is good to hear that someone does : – ) .

      Take care!


  3. Ah, the Peace Garden. How beautiful. That’s in my home state of North Dakota, a place I lived for over two decades, and yet somehow I’ve never been there. Based on these pictures I guess I need to change that, if only to bring a date to the sweet tandem toilets.


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