Desolation’s Wonder

Just a really great post about enjoying nature as it really is and finding beauty even in the most desolate places. Enjoy!

Lost and Found

Desolation doesn’t necessarily have to mean the absence of life and hope, rather the opposite in fact.  I love seeing the world at its harshest; straining and struggling but not suffering.  I love how, even in the most desolate places, there is an amazing abundance of life.  I love to see how life can thrive on nothing more than trees and rock.  Mostly I love to walk among that humbling desolation, silent and alone, listening to what is happening around me.  Listening to the music of the silence, the music of the spheres.  This is when I feel happy and at peace, when I feel like I finally belong, like I am home.  Nowhere else do I feel as complete or as fully alive as I do in this planet’s dizzying desolation.  Everywhere else I am putting on at least a little bit of a show.  Only when desolate am…

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