Let’s put up some signs!

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I find this anti-homeless campaign utterly shameful and a huge waste of resources. Instead of helping families and individuals in extreme poverty, this city is ridiculing each and every homeless person. I am very surprised to find such a conservative and ill-informed advertising in modern day Europe (Nottingham, UK).


3 thoughts on “Let’s put up some signs!

  1. I mean, I know that attitude is out there. And I have seen some ugly signs put up on shop windows etc. but they were never quite so professional, slick-n-polished etc. Never so institutional etc. And that one is really crass. Complete and utter contempt for a fellow human.

    I dislike A LOT of things about my friends and neighbors. I disagree with their choices – sometimes profoundly. My views are usually in the minority – it seems. But I HOPE I am not guilty of hating my neighbor and friends – holding their very selves in contempt as I disagree or dislike some of their choices.

    Not to mention how this blanket prejudice makes no allowance for the mentally ill, veterans, and others who could easily get caught up in this net – but with whom we might also easily find sympathy too.

    Instead it appears we are on that slippery slope toward putting a black arm band with a star of David on these people. A sign like that puts a chill in me of about that magnitude. A whole group of people are targeted and marked for UNWELCOME by the establishment. The very vulnerable among us are the ones openly targeted. Even Jim Crow laws had more subtlety.


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