Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage


I simply cannot contain my excitement about finding this community! If my current life wasn’t so dependent upon society (school, work, career), I’d be driving out there yesterday to check it out and make move-in plans!



The dancing rabbit is an ecovillage in Missouri comprised of women, men, and children who live as sustainable as possible, while staying connected to society. Their homes are made of repurposed wood, cob, strawbale, and even a repurposed bus!


This village uses solar and wind power to provide much of the resident’s energy needs and avoids many high-energy appliances altogether. You won’t see any dryers or desktop computers at this place!


The people living at this community grow their own vegetables and seem to have some farm animals on their property as well. The diet of most residents is vegetarian or vegan. Food such as edible mushrooms and berries are available on the property. Some of their food comes from local sources.


The greatest part about this lifestyle is that everybody works together in order to sustain the village. Cars are shared, festivities are celebrated together, children learn from a variety of people, food is often prepared cooperatively, and decisions regarding the village are made by all.



Just as excited as I am? Want to know more about the lifestyle, sustainable living, and the people who live here?

Go check out their website: http://www.dancingrabbit.org

5 thoughts on “Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

  1. OH Wow! That is sooooooo cool! What fun. I wanna go too.

    I took a second degree in alternative energy a few years ago. Mostly wind energy. We built several wind generators and a couple of solar panels. My buddy and I would dream of building cabins in the woods and powering them with coke cans and other odds n ends. There are a million cool ideas like that.

    Simplicity and humility excite me.

    My buddy and I also drew up numerous plans for devices and shelter services for street homeless people. Lots of dreaming and scheming and so on…

    Problem is, I just suck at electronics. I passed my course work, but I really don’t have it mastered in the slightest. But I still admire the adventure of it.

    Thanks for the pics! I will show my wife. I think she will dig it too….




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