New app maps NYC homeless like they’re potholes to be avoided

I can’t believe this is actually a thing.


The app in the Google Play Store, the live map and recent photos.The NYC Map the Homeless app in the Play Store, its live map of homeless sightings and recent photos.

Want to know where the homeless people are in New York City? There’s an app for that!

My friend Jezi alerted me to this. It’s called NYC Map The Homeless—an app for both Android, via the Google Play Store and iOS, through iTunes.

The app allows New Yorkers with GPS-enabled smartphones to take photos of homeless New Yorkers. These photos are automatically pinned to a Google Map of New York City so that other users of the app can click on and view them.

In addition to the name of the user who took the photo and date that the photo was taken, users can append descriptive hashtags, such as: #AggresiveBegging, #Threat, #Man, #Woman, #NeedsMedicalAid, #Sleeping, #Smoking, #Crack, #Encampment, and so on.

The app is quite sparse, with only…

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