Chasing the Sun


During the winter, some areas in the mountains may never see the sun. This morning, around 6am, I decided that I was in desperate need of a serious sun bath. I made my way towards higher elevations embracing the warm rays of sunshine I caught here and there.


Getting closer!


And closer…










After I found a decent spot to park, I began hiking upwards. The soil was unusually dry, which made the hike rather difficult. Even large rocks began shifting in the dry, sand-like dirt.


Going up!


Gotta love those boots of mine!










Although the temperature was around 4° C (39° F), I was getting pretty hot! As I climbed higher and higher, my daily worries slowly disappeared and I was left with the familiar feeling of freedom and happiness.


This is why I love Colorado.


I spend roughly an hour at my spot listening to nature´s sounds and feeling the warm sun on my skin. Nature is a different kind of home than our birth place or family residence. In many ways, nature is perfect. From the heat of the sun to the nourishment that can be found in the wilderness: Everything we need for survival can be found out here. Nature provides for us without judging, without asking questions. Out here, we are all just humans part of a cosmic whole.

2 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun

  1. Beautiful photographs of beautiful country!

    I would quickly miss the absence of specialty coffee house. Reminds me that I once worked via email with an editor in Denver when I was writing freelance articles for QuarkXPress’ X-ray magazine. He used colourful phrases such as “I feel like a horse that’s been ridden hard and put away wet”.

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