Inside our Tiny Mobile Homes

Here are some pictures I found online illustrating how different people make the lifestyle work. I find this incredibly fascinating and very useful for my own future projects.


Looks like this person has transformed the back of a car into a bedroom. I like the storage containers! (Original post:


Love the colors! However, I am bit concerned about those knives… (Original post:


Now, this is fancy! A bed in the back of a van. (Original Post:


Yep, I think I got a project in mind for the coming summer… (Original Post:

1 PDWNMJ0sfg909MNIJxNnDg

This post wouldn’t be complete without Hotel Prius! (Original post:


Very colorful! (Original post:

4 thoughts on “Inside our Tiny Mobile Homes

    • It´s never too late to learn some new skills! I am planning on remodeling the inside of my SUV this summer to make it more comfortable and convenient. We´ll see how that goes… Take care and stay warm ; – )


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