Sudden Onset of Insanity?

As I walk my usual mile after work, I contemplate whether it is more important to hold my hat in place or keep my fingers from turning into useless sausages. It is a refreshing 2° Celsius (35° Fahrenheit) outside and winds of up to 64 km/h (40m mph) make me feel like a kite just before departure. Despite these rather unfriendly conditions, I find myself almost ecstatic. BRING IT ON MOTHER NATURE! Nature´s power reminds me of how small and insignificant I really am, but at the same time creates a sense of warmth and belonging within me. I am going to survive earth´s outburst huddled in my blankets and clinging to a bottle of hot water. I will reemerge from my shelter once the sun reigns over the sky again and marvel at the beauty of our planet. This is my home.

USA 2010 (647)

A bit windy


Usually one can see the mountains many miles in the distance



No need to cover my windshield tonight


Snow coming from all sides

3 thoughts on “Sudden Onset of Insanity?

  1. I’ve felt that sort of giddy rush as I embrace the elements (metaphorically). Who knows. Maybe I’ll feel that way next week when Vancouver is expecting 2° C and precipitation. It’s all a matter of degrees really. Right now it’s 5° C and raining very heavily.


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