Where the Children Sleep

These photographs illustrate the consequences of humanity’s never-ending need for conflict. Photographer Magnus Wennman captured these moment of young refugees. Check out his Instagram. Where will your child sleep tonight?


It is after midnight when Ahmed falls asleep in the grass. The adults are still sitting around, formulating plans for how they are going to get out of Hungary without registering themselves with the authorities. Ahmed is six years old and carries his own bag over the long stretches that his family walks by foot. “He is brave and only cries sometimes in the evenings,” says his uncle, who has taken care of Ahmed since his father was killed in their hometown Deir ez-Zor in northern Syria.


Ralia, 7, and Rahaf, 13, live on the streets of Beirut. They are from Damascus, where a grenade killed their mother and brother. Along with their father, they have been sleeping rough for a year. They huddle close together on their cardboard boxes. Rahaf says she is scared of “bad boys,” at which Ralia starts crying.


Walaa, 5, wants to go home. She had her own room in Aleppo, she tells us. There, she never used to cry at bedtime. Here, in the refugee camp, she cries every night. Resting her head on the pillow is horrible, she says, because nighttime is horrible. That was when the attacks happened. By day, Walaa’s mother often builds a little house out of pillows, to teach her that they are nothing to be afraid of.


Amir, 20 months, was born a refugee. His mother believes her son was traumatized in the womb. “Amir has never spoken a single word,” says Shahana, 32. In the plastic tent where the family now lives, Amir has no toys, but he plays with whatever he can find on the ground. “He laughs a lot, even though he doesn’t talk,” says his mother.


Fara, 2, loves soccer. Her dad tries to make balls for her by crumpling up anything he can find, but they don’t last long. Every night, he says goodnight to Fara and her big sister Tisam, 9, in the hope that tomorrow will bring them a proper ball to play with. All other dreams seem to be beyond his reach, but he is not giving up on this one.


Back home in Baghdad, the dolls, the toy train, and the ball are left; Lamar often talks about these items when home is mentioned. The bomb changed everything. The family was on its way to buy food when it was dropped close to their house. It was not possible to live there anymore, says Lamar’s grandmother, Sara. After two attempts to cross the sea from Turkey in a small, rubber boat, they succeeded in coming here to Hungary’s closed border.

Chasing the Sun


During the winter, some areas in the mountains may never see the sun. This morning, around 6am, I decided that I was in desperate need of a serious sun bath. I made my way towards higher elevations embracing the warm rays of sunshine I caught here and there.


Getting closer!


And closer…










After I found a decent spot to park, I began hiking upwards. The soil was unusually dry, which made the hike rather difficult. Even large rocks began shifting in the dry, sand-like dirt.


Going up!


Gotta love those boots of mine!










Although the temperature was around 4° C (39° F), I was getting pretty hot! As I climbed higher and higher, my daily worries slowly disappeared and I was left with the familiar feeling of freedom and happiness.


This is why I love Colorado.


I spend roughly an hour at my spot listening to nature´s sounds and feeling the warm sun on my skin. Nature is a different kind of home than our birth place or family residence. In many ways, nature is perfect. From the heat of the sun to the nourishment that can be found in the wilderness: Everything we need for survival can be found out here. Nature provides for us without judging, without asking questions. Out here, we are all just humans part of a cosmic whole.

Inside our Tiny Mobile Homes

Here are some pictures I found online illustrating how different people make the lifestyle work. I find this incredibly fascinating and very useful for my own future projects.


Looks like this person has transformed the back of a car into a bedroom. I like the storage containers! (Original post: http://tpepost.com/news/people-living-in-vehicles-need-a-safe-place-to-park-not-fines-or-jail/)


Love the colors! However, I am bit concerned about those knives… (Original post: http://www.laweekly.com/news/i-choose-to-live-in-my-car-in-la-4897392)


Now, this is fancy! A bed in the back of a van. (Original Post: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/van-living/)


Yep, I think I got a project in mind for the coming summer… (Original Post: http://becutebecoolbeyoung.tumblr.com/post/47302173500/life-goal-live-out-of-my-car-and-travel-the)

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This post wouldn’t be complete without Hotel Prius! (Original post: https://chrissawey.wordpress.com/hotelprius/)


Very colorful! (Original post: http://zigspics.com/my-neighbors-creepy-new-van/)

Sudden Onset of Insanity?

As I walk my usual mile after work, I contemplate whether it is more important to hold my hat in place or keep my fingers from turning into useless sausages. It is a refreshing 2° Celsius (35° Fahrenheit) outside and winds of up to 64 km/h (40m mph) make me feel like a kite just before departure. Despite these rather unfriendly conditions, I find myself almost ecstatic. BRING IT ON MOTHER NATURE! Nature´s power reminds me of how small and insignificant I really am, but at the same time creates a sense of warmth and belonging within me. I am going to survive earth´s outburst huddled in my blankets and clinging to a bottle of hot water. I will reemerge from my shelter once the sun reigns over the sky again and marvel at the beauty of our planet. This is my home.

USA 2010 (647)

A bit windy


Usually one can see the mountains many miles in the distance



No need to cover my windshield tonight


Snow coming from all sides

Nature´s sense of humor

The first real snow hit my city in form of a massive storm. In fact, it was so massive that it blew the white crystals into the parking garage (the ONE PLACE I thought I could hide from mother nature!) and through my 1/4 inch-open-windows. After being gently rocked back and forth all night, I awoke covered in snow. Nature as an interesting sense of humor.




Available for immediate occupancy

Street humor at its best!



  • Cozy one-room, Vancouver-style carriage house, with storage.
  • Modern construction; well-ventilated; with a fabulous view of False Creek.
  • No utilities except for running water from November through May.
  • Located right in the heart of the Fairview neighbourhood.
  • On the corner of Alder St. and West Broadway Ave.
  • Close by a hospital, transit, shopping and back alleys.
  • Hurry. This one is sure to go fast!

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Not cold, nor hungry – but someone else is

Here are some pictures from a kickass campaign in Britain. The organization “The Passage” started this fundraiser, which not only raises money for the homeless, but additionally illustrates that homeless individuals lack more than food and shelter.

Check out their website: http://passage.org.uk/