Lazy Morning: Hobo Style

Sometimes I forget to relax.

I wake up in the morning and think about what all I need to do. What food will I pack? Do I need to pack different kinds of clothing? Should I wash myself in my car, at the gym, or at the library? Will I go to the gym tonight anyway? Do I need to take my books and my laptop? Do I have any appointments? Where will I sleep tonight?

As a hobo, it is crucial to plan your day thoroughly. I start organizing my day as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. It gets me into a habit, which in essence is similar to patterns regular people in regular homes follow. When does the repairman come? Did I pay rent? When should I go grocery shopping? When was that meeting again?

As the picture below depicts, there are days even a hobo just wants to lay in bed (or wherever one sleeps). So, after waking up, I stretched, pulled my covers up a bit more, and enjoyed being warm and comfortable. I began thinking happy thoughts of nature, comfort, and freedom. I thought about how lucky I am. Lucky to be free. Lucky to be healthy. Lucky to be able to afford dedicating my current life to education without working myself to death. A few minutes of happy thinking and relaxation in the morning can work wonders. When I (finally) got up, I managed the rest of my morning with ease and stayed calm and relaxed throughout the day.


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