Through the eyes of a ghost


As previously mentioned, people see what they expect to see. A parking lot, whether it´d be in the mountains or the city, houses cars, not people. Being invisible like this makes for some rather fascinating observations.

Firstly, I see people follow their bodily urges as they would at home. Butts are scratched, noses are picked (sometimes very thoroughly), and wedgies are taken care of. Furthermore, some inhibition disappears when seemingly nobody is around, and thus car doors are slammed and cuss words yelled. I´ve seen a couple enjoy a sunset together, a lonely cowboy contemplate the world, a young man struggling with mental illness. Gifts, money, and drugs change owners just a few feet in front of me. Desperation, joy, anger, silliness, love; I experience all these moments with strangers, knowing that I can never reveal myself.

I must say, it is a unique experience. I don´t have much choice but to remain unseen. Not only would it put my anonymity in jeopardy if I´d just jump out of my vehicle and announce myself, but it may also cause distress in the person who thought was invisible himself.

So here I am. The invisible ghost who doesn’t judge but merely experiences the world.

2 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a ghost

  1. Love your posts, its life in the real.
    Observation is a powerful gift.
    I share this comment with you, from Ian McCullum’s book “The act of observation creates the space-time event….. ” – a little quantum science. But observation is powerful stuff.
    Keep on writing, keep on observing, you have stories to tell, maybe even a book to publish one day ?


    • Well, thank you very much. I enjoy experiencing people as they really are. I suppose it makes me feel less alien to see others struggle, love, hate, fail, and succeed. Ultimately, we are all just humans trying to figure out life. In regards to your book comment, I am not sure how the mainstream would react to my corner of society. Interesting thought.
      If you´d like to read more observational posts from a somewhat different perspective, I highly recommend Stanley´s blog. Sometimes he focuses on societal issues and sometimes he writes a post about a particular shadow or snowflake that caught his attention. Here you go:
      Take care!

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