Good Morning Officer…


Ok, it wasn´t really morning when my sleep was interrupted by the harsh sound of a flashlight against my driver window. Last night at 2:36 am, I rolled down my window and spoke to who I thought would be the first cop making my life miserable. My first thought was: “From all places, they enforce the “No overnight parking” – rule here, close to the homeless shelter?” I am not sure I can recall the exact order of our conversation, I was confused and sleepy, but it went something like this:

Officer: “Ma´am, I need to ask you to move on. It´s not safe here”.

Me: “Why?”

Officer: “There was a shooting two streets down last week and stabbing about a mile from here yesterday.”

Me: “Oh shit.”

Officer: “Yeah, the mission asked us to come by during the night and get the homeless out of the area. We hope it´ll be better in a few weeks. You know where Walmart or Hobby Lobby is? You can get some sleep there.”

Me: “Uhm…”

Officer: “Over on 8th street.”

Me: “Alright. Thank you!”

I watched him wake up one homeless individual after the other, some of which only reluctantly crawled out of their sleeping bags. It took me about 2 minutes to get ready and leave. Maybe I should´ve told him that the Walmart he is referring to doesn´t permit overnight parking or that I´ve never tried sleeping at a Hobby Lobby. Either way, I made my way to a spot by the rail roads across town and, after fighting my allergies with some pills, went back to bed.

My mind is blown. I did not get in trouble with the law and the officer actually made an effort to keep us safe. He even provided alternatives for something that, in my city, is illegal (sleeping in one´s car). While I don´t assume that this is the rule, it does shed a new light on the authorities here.

The moral of the story? Stay tuned to your local news.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning Officer…

  1. Homelessness is getting terrible and things are seriously changing for the worst… Although I’m remaining optimistic for ALL of us, I still wanna point this out. Some time ago if this would’ve occurred with me, it wouldn’t take no longer than three weeks for the shelter system to provide transitional living, assisted housing or permanent housing… My meeting with my case manager the other day has me fearful, and I must hold firm to my Faith in God still though. But, from her perspective, they have no means to help and only provide a 30 day stay period SMH… With “probably” as the answer for possibilities of an extension!!! What more can any of us do but Pray one for another and keep a leveled head while this struggle is our daily routine. I already collectively Pray for ALL homeless people nationwide, and I’m just asking for reciprocity… Thanx and be encouraged 🙂


    • Hello my friend, I hear your words!
      In my city, politicians and citizen alike have begun a kind of battle against homelessness. This does not mean that additional aid is on its way; it´s actually quite the opposite. Sleeping and camping in public were outlawed, homeless camps by the river destroyed, and police presence in parks and public places increased. One by one, Walmarts and other stores are putting up their “No overnight parking”- signs and thus take away one of the last opportunities for a good nights sleep. The only place one was able to be homeless without having to fear prosecution was the homeless shelter, but as my story shows this is not a safe option anymore. Now, I´ve somewhat chosen the lifestyle to escape the economy´s grip and live a free life. However, I am concerned for those of us who do not possess the skills, opportunities, and/or strength to successfully live a life in this niche.
      Anyway, thank you for your insights. Take care!

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  2. You do the same… Please, whatever good pointers you have I’m ALL ears, because I reiterate I don’t know if an extension for my shelter stay is likely and it’s definitely not guaranteed… This nice guy on YouTube was trying to help people with differing ideas on how to stay afloat while homeless and he got sooooooo much backlash that he stopped doing videos… I actually found them helpful and inspirational. Nonetheless, he’s refraining, in an effort to keep down confusion. But, any advice or thoughts you have please post them… Thanx 🙂


      • OMG… I had Nooooooo idea it was written sooooooo good like that… Wow, that’s wonderful how you outlined EVERYTHING the waaaaaayyyyyyy you did!!! I hope you don’t mind, but I had to share it on my blog… Of course you get the credit for it… With any click, it should take anyone straight to your page.

        How did you EVER think to do that???????


        • Before I became homeless myself (or as I prefer to call it: houseless), I did a whole lot of research. As you can imagine, not many people write about this topic and it is difficult to find credible information regarding the topic. So, now that I have my own experiences, I want to share them with others out there who are in similar situations and I try to be as detailed as possible. Thank you very much for sharing my posts! I feel honored and I hope that people find the information useful.

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  3. Hi,

    I don’t know why but, until I read this post, I just assumed you were male. But if the officer called you Ma’am, you must be a woman, as I am also. Is there anything about being a woman that impacts your lifestyle?

    For me, I haven’t found that at all.

    Lisselle Sage


    • Hello Lisselle!

      That doesn’t surprise me. As current gender roles go, I have a rather masculine way of doing things and viewing the world. I am sure it reflects in my writing. Personally, I have not encountered situations in which my gender has influenced my lifestyle. However, I could imagine that there some differences. For example, police officials may treat a female hobo more favorably then a male hobo based solely on stereotypes. On the other hand, predators may view a woman as an easy target. It’s an interesting question for sure!

      Take care!


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