The Power of Society

I can’t even begin to understand how social constructs obscure our view of the world. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that some of us want to live freely?

It is the power of the collective that makes our children believe nature is dangerous, dirty, and a place that is to be visited occasionally during the weekends. Society teaches us that somehow we need new clothes, tables and chairs, 500 TV Channels, whitening toothpaste and braces, a house, a thin body, painkillers for every ache, and much, much more.  If one doesn’t posses the right kind of objects, society makes sure to mock said human starting in Kindergarten and continuing all the way in the oh-so-sophisticated world of work.

It appears to me that we have turned our backs to our planet. We control the temperature, cushion every last inch of our homes, tune out nature with our phones, music players, and televisions, and kill plants and animals that are in our way.

I want to feel the dirt under my feet, sleep under the stars, and hear the coyotes’ music in the distance. I want to live life as a part of nature, not separate from it. How is it crazy to live where one belongs?

I finish this post with a long sigh…


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