Clown Cars

In regards to the homeless community, clown cars are not as funny as their circus counterparts. Clown cars are vehicles that somehow provide shelter for an incredible number of people.

I encountered my first clown car a few weeks after my transition into the hobo lifestyle. A car, which looked like a late 80´s Honda Civic, had parked close by and I wondered how on earth anybody could live in that small of a car. I was about to learn a lesson. When the doors opened, two adults, one child, and a dog climbed out. I was beyond amazed and felt grateful for my, relatively speaking, spacious Explorer. Besides the fact that everything was managed inside their tiny “mobile home”, the family appeared to follow pretty normal routines. When it got dark, mom made the bed for the little boy in the backseat, and she and her husband got “comfortable” in the front. Like many homeless who live inside their vehicles, they did not have the luxury of sleeping laying down.

Yesterday, I encountered another clown car that made my eyes even bigger. I was cleaning and putting up my new curtains, when a truck parked close by. It was an F-150 similar in size to this one. It´s not uncommon to see two adults living in a vehicle that is more truck bed than cabin. However, I wasn´t prepared for this: After taking a closer look, I realized that there were two children in the back. A family of four living in an F-150? Again, I felt incredibly fortunate.

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