Sleeping “Rough”

It´s not difficult to imagine how most people would feel if they had to sleep rough. But what about a hobo sleeping… well, not rough?

When I sleep inside, I find the eerie quiet rather unnerving. I miss the sound of wind, crickets, rain, streams, passing cars, anything that will make that unnatural quiet go away. A few months ago, I found a little online tool that brings the world´s sounds into any room. Noisli allows you to create your own personal sound background with different sounds like wind, water, and even café chatter. In addition, the site slowly changes its color, which can be relaxing as well.

If my mind is a little more active before I go to bed, I often listen to audio books featuring stories by authors such as Edgar Allen Poe. Another favorite of mine is space music (also called ambient music) with pictures of the universe.


I many ways absolute darkness is similar to silence. Both appear unnatural and make me anxious. Many people make an effort to darken their rooms as if they have some sort of light allergy (some people actually do, but they are fine during the night). Unless you live in a cave or underground, living outside means you will always have some sort of light. Think about the stars, urban street lights, or the faint glow of the world when you sleep in the middle of the forest.

Nature Photography

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy sleeping in small spaces. Laying in a queen-size bed in a big room in an even bigger house makes me feel “lost”. The comforts most people enjoy seem to smother me; it´s not just the physical space, but also all these possessions that lock me into one place. Possessions I have to work for, thus spending my precious time working for things I don´t need nor desire. Isn´t it insane how many of us slave our entire lives for things we don´t need to survive? Is comfort really all we desire? Or have we been brainwashed into believing that we need mattresses, chairs, tables, TVs, carpets, couches, swimming pools, fans, smart phones, curtains, and a thousand things more?

2 thoughts on “Sleeping “Rough”

  1. I agree with everything you said. Well… except the smart phone part… I need my smart phone! 🙂 But anyway, I can’t believe how much my depression has lifted since I’ve been sleeping in my van! Also, from now on (with the exception of my smart phone) my money will go to experiences, not to things that people think they need! Actually the smart phone contributes to the experience though. I can get music, books, audio books, movies, news, games, TV, and a whole bunch more just from that one little device, so really, even that is about experiences.


  2. Don’t we all have this one thing we don’t want to live without? Really, the problem is not that one item, it is the believe that we need hundreds of possessions in order to survive.
    I am glad you’ve adjusted so well to your new lifestyle and are actually doing better than before. Enjoy!


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