What’s next?

I recently realized that I will have to apply for graduate school sometime this winter. The university I am attending right now does offer my field of study, but I want to look around and see if there is an adventure waiting for me somewhere else. So far, I’ve looked into Universities in the US (Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado), France (mainly Paris), New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain.

There are pros and cons to each place. If I go overseas, I will have to start from scratch again. I have no inclinations towards giving up my hobo life and I am not sure how exactly that would work in another country. Also, I am not a city hobo, so cities such as Paris may not be for me anyway. I loved it while I was visiting, but I remember thinking that it is one giant tourist attraction.

If I stay in the U.S., I can pretty much keep living the way I am and yet enjoy a new adventure. I’ve heard that Wisconsin is pretty damn cold during the winter. It ranks one place above Colorado in coldness based on average temperatures. Can’t be that much colder, right? OK, I have no idea. Maybe I should find me a warmer place to live, but I am not sure if the south is for me either. I’ve been to Florida, Alabama, and Georgia and while I love the weather, I am not a fan of the crime rates down there.

I know there are free spirits all over the world; let me know what you think! Have you lived in any of these places? Have you studied there? How’s the hobo life there? Share your experience!



7 thoughts on “What’s next?

      • Ah! Well, they don’t offer it specifically, but anyone can leave a PhD program with a Master’s degree. It happens all the time. I work at UC Berkeley, and I was a student here as well. I also have a MA in Psych, but not from here. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve decided to live in my van, and not pay rent…so I can spend my money and energy on furthering that – attending workshops and stuff. With rent and all that goes with that, I never had funds left to live the life I wanted. Plus… I know it’s only been a week for me, but I can’t tell you how free I feel!


        • At my university I’d have to something extra in order to get my Masters. So, that might be similar? I’d definitely have to contact Universities then and figure out more. Thanks!
          And yes, the freedom is amazing. It can also become somewhat “addictive”, and at some point it will be more difficult to find one’s way back into society. I am enjoying every bit of it though!

          Take care!


  1. THANK YOU for your comment on HOMELESS. it doesnt sound like you fit in the category of the non-bathing beggers that congregate in front of small businesses. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. i have dreamed of doing the same thing but on horseback not sure where you live now but some smaller towns with decent weather in winter is lake havasu and parker az. areas


      • I decided to try and move country. I was going to drive across Germany but it would have cost me way too much money. Germany is okay. They have free tuition and then you can learn German. I looked into using my TEFL but I really am in love with Norway so… I may not be homeless yet, I am hoping some students let me live with them even though I am so old. I love my life and I love my daughter. She cannot come with me – I cried. I just did not want to be homeless because I cannot find work in the UK any longer. I have learned a new language and I am very much in love with Norwegian culture. They are a proud people and I love that – I wish the UK was proud again. It breaks my heart how we cannot be humanitarian any more. Well good luck on your choice.

        Weird and wonderful signing out xxx


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