Untamed Spirits

Back when I thought I´d be spending my life surrounded by walls, I always envied the one thing most wild animals share: Freedom. Even the most fragile creatures (humans being the exception) are born into nature and quickly learn to navigate their way. What most humans label sophisticated or even superior, I label fake and disabling. Many people in industrialized nations couldn´t survive a night outside and thus are forced to live within society. Granted, many live a quite comfortable life and wouldn’t want it any other way. However, some of us still carry the wild and untamed essence of nature within us and need to roam freely.

I´ve seen into the eyes of many people. I´ve seen happiness, anger, wickedness, sadness, lust; the whole spectrum of human emotion. Nothing has ever moved me as much as seeing a wild spirit trapped and slowly dying.

Here is my personal collection of free animals I´ve gathered over the years (Click on image to enlarge). Enjoy!

Two ducklings after their morning swim. Stuttgart, Germany.

Stuttgart 2011 (24)

Stuttgart 2011 (25)

A very upset bird of prey (a young Ferruginous Hawk maybe?). Wyoming Rocky Mountains, USA.


A little chipmunk doing his hygiene routine. He didn´t mind me watching him. Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA.


A female moose I almost ran into. Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA.




A raven enjoying the city life. Paris, France.

Frankreich 2010 (15)

Butterfly! Georgia, USA.



A hummingbird in action. Estes Park, USA.



This deer is just hanging out in the town. Estes Park, USA.


Not sure what kinda bird this guy is. But he´s handsome! Bodensee, Vienna.

Stuttgart 2011 (244)

Yes, I am really into birds in case you couldn´t tell :). As usual, ask for permission if you´d like to use any of these photographs.

Best wishes to all the tree huggers and hobos out there!


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